POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 63 Have You: F Called her names and/or criticised her F Tried to keep her from doing something she wanted to do F Prevented her from having money for her own use F Checked up on her, listened to her phone calls, checked her mileage or called her repeatedly at work F Became upset with her over the way she did household chores or with how she prepared dinner F Ended a discussion with her and made the decision yourself F Threatened to hit or throw something at her F Pushed, grabbed, kicked or shoved her F Slapped, pinched or punched her F Put down her family and friends F Accused her of paying too much attention to someone or something else F Put her on an allowance F Used the children to threaten her F Threatened to commit suicide F Made her do something humiliating or degrading F Drove recklessly when she was in the car F Pressured her to have sex in any way she didn’t want or like F Refused to help with housework or childcare F Threatened her with a knife, gun or other weapon F Told her she was a bad parent F Stopped her or tried to stop her from going to work or school F Forced her to have sex F Cheated on her F Choked or strangled her F Threw, hit or smashed something Ask yourself these 25 questions and rate your behaviour based on the following scale: Signs Of Being An Abuser Are You Abusive? Know The Signs.